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As a videographer, your role is to tape the individual speeches at the meeting, then upload them into YouTube and share them with the speakers.

Before the meeting, make sure you have the video camera set up on the tripod, connected to power and the SD card has enough space. During the meeting, hit the record button to start recording right before a speech begins, then once again shortly after the speech ended. This way you have individual clips of the speeches.

If you have a slower Internet connection, or need to trim (or even split) the videoclips before uploading to YouTube, then you’ll want to download and install Avidemux. Inside Avidemux, you need to do:

  1. From the “Video” dropdown, choose “MPEG-4 ASP (mpeg4)”
  2. From the “Audio” dropdown, choose “MP3 (lame)”
  3. If you need to trim, navigate to the start of the speech then click the “A” button. Now navigate to the end and click “B”
  4. Go to File -> Save -> Save Video
  5. Wait for the encoding to finish, then you’re set!

To upload the videoclip into YouTube, log into YouTube with the club’s “agfa.cheers” account (obtain the password from one of the executives). Click “Upload”, choose the videoclip(s). While uploading, don’t forget to do:

  1. Update the title to the speech title
  2. Set the “Privacy” to “Unlisted”

You’ll see a message that looks like this: “Your video will be live at:”… Copy the link and email it to the speaker. That’s it, you’re done!

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