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A major portion of each meeting is centered around the two or more Prepared Speakers. Speeches typically last from five to seven minutes.
Preparation is essential!

The Speaker: 

• Is responsible for finding their own replacement if they are not able to speak and notifying the Toastmaster of the meeting
• Should work through the Toastmaster communication manuals
• Should inform the Evaluator about what particular elements they are working on, such as voice, gestures, elimination of notes, etc. Let her/his evaluator know about goals and personal concerns
• Should provide the Evaluator with their manual in order for the Evaluator to make written comments about the speech
• Must tell the Toastmaster of the meeting how many minutes are required for the speech

A few tips: 
• Check the schedule to see when you are on the programme
• Choose a seat that makes it easy for you to get to the lectern
• When you begin your speech, acknowledge your fellow Toastmasters and guests
• Plan your speech closing as carefully as your opening. Those finishing touches will bring on the applause and really make a mark!
• Never thank your audience. The audience will be thanking you for your effort with their applause

Excellent article from Toastmasters New Zealand

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