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The main duties of the Greeter are:
  • Come ten minutes early to assist the Sergeant @ Arms in Greeting visitors and members.
  • Stand by the entry way into the meeting room and remain there until the meeting begins.
  • Smile and welcome everyone as they enter. Consider handing out member’s nametags.
  • Pay special attention to guests and new members.
  • Ask guests the following questions: “What can Toastmasters do for you?” “How did you find our club?”
  • Guard against telling guest what Toastmasters can do for them before asking questions to determining what they are looking for from Toastmasters.
  • Give the guests a nametag. Ask them to sign the guest book and fill out the Visitors Card.
  • See that the guest is seated next to an established Toastmaster who can inform the guest about the meeting’s proceedings.
  • Inform presiding officer of guests name before meeting begins.
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