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For mentors

If you want to be a mentor…

  • Contact VP of Education to arrange for experienced member to give  you a training

List of Available Mentors

  • David Heppler
    •  Member since January 2011
    • Finished his CC manual
  • Mohannad Hussain
    • Member since April 2010
    • ACB, ALB, working on Persuasive Speaking and Special Occasion Speeches
    • Vice-president of Publicity, Past Sergeant-at-Arms & Secretary
  • Stewart Johnston
    • Member since March 2011
    • Finished his CC manual
    • Club president, past VP of Education
  • Laura Peters
    • Member since October 2008, also member at DiverseCity
    • CC
    • Past VP of Membership & Sergeant-at-Arms, VP of Education at DiverseCity Toastmasters
  • Dana Mohapl
    • Member since April 2010
    • Finished her CC
    • Vice-president of Education, past VP of Membership
  • Elena Shmoylova
    • Member since October 2010
    • CC, working on Facilitating Discussions and Interpersonal Communication manuals
    • Past President
  • Bill Wallace
    • Member since April 2004
    • CC, CL, working on Interpretive Reading
    • Past President & VP of Education
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