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Being a Club Officer

What our members saying about their experience as club officers

The secretary to the executives is what the Sergeant at Arms is to the regular meetings: a low-profile but crucial role. Your contribution is not limited to helping the other executives stay on track, but anything else you decide to jump into. In my case I spearheaded the work on our club’s website. The secretary role is perfect if you’re looking to work on your organization and written communication skills.

 Mohannad Hussain, Secretary (2011-2012)

The simple task on paying membership fees on line grew dramatically and I eventually learned:

  1. How to approach members and ask for the fees;
  2. How to run a membership campaign that would involve every single member;
  3. How to talk to potential members, motivate them and increase their interest.

Since I am really a bad liar I cannot motivate somebody successfully without trusting my own words. Eventually I started to understand that an enthusiastic set of officers is necessary but not enough to run a club full of motivated members. Officers must be responsible to their members by making sure all activities including budget, planned events,achievements as well as failures are visible to all members at any time and members are active contributors. We achieved a lot during the past year…. My personal goal is to make sure that I can answer the questions like “What are my membership money for” and “What is special about your club, why should I join” without hesitation.
I must admit that at the end I really enjoyed the fact that I get to talk to all potential members first and that I made their decision about joining our club easier.
Although unsure at the beginning I now believe that the membership role was the best role I could have.

– Dana Mohapl, Vice-President of Membership (2011-2012)

It was so worth the ride to Hanover to join [the president] for the Club Officer Training and to host the Area 61 Contest @ Trinity Village.

– Greg Kay, Immediate Past President (2011-2012)

I believe that enthusiasm is contagious (and so is procrastination). I consider myself lucky to have a team of enthusiastic people that were not afraid of challenges. Whatever tasks we talked about there were always people willing to bring them to life. I hope that this enthusiasm and willingness of the officers to step in and do something (not just talk about it) was felt by other members too.

– Elena Shmoylova, President (2011-2012)

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