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Email List

agfacheers [at] go2mk [dot] com is the list’s address. Obviously replacing [at] and [dot] with the characters you commonly see in email addresses.

List Basics

Sending emails to that address will cause your message to be forwarded to all current Agfa CHEERS members. However, The list will only accept emails originating from an email address already on the list. Meaning only Agfa CHEERS members can send email, but even for a current member, you have to make sure your email originates from the actual address we have on the list (e.g. personal vs. work email addresses).

When sending an email to the list, you’ll know that it worked if you get your message delivered to you, because you are on the list yourself! If a message cannot be validated, you should get an automated polite email  error message.

If you receive an email though the list, a “reply” action will send your reply to the original sender only, while “reply all” well blast you reply back to all club members.

Please use the list wisely and be courteous to other club members!

List Maintenance

VP of Membership as well as VP of Education keep the list up to date by adding new members, as well as removing past members.


If you are a current member and are not receiving emails through the list, first look in your junk/spam mailbox, and look for emails with the prefix in the subject line [Agfa CHEERS], if found mark them as safe (or white-listed) so they don’t end up there anymore. If that doesn’t work, talk to the VP of Education or VP of membership.

If you are trying to send an announcement through the list and having trouble, make sure you are sending the announcement through the email which you have received other list emails in the past (e.g. work vs. personal email). If you are still having trouble, talk to the VP of Education or VP of membership.

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