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Prospective Members

What happens at a meeting?

  • Opening – opening remarks and guest introductions by the Toastmaster. Another Toastmaster will be more than happy to introduce you to the group.
  • Word of the Day – The grammarian introduces and defines the word of the day. At the end of the meeting, the grammarian gives a summary on the usage of the work of the day and recognition to the person who used the word of the day most effectively.
  • Viewpoint – The Viewpoint person provides the audience with a quick synopsis of what they are about to share and then asks immediately would like to respond later with a one-minute rebuttal. The Viewpoint person then delivers his or her prepared opinion within 60 seconds. The person volunteering to deliver a rebuttal has to respond with an impromptu contrary viewpoint.
  • Prepared Speeches – Members present prepared speeches out of either the Communication & Leadership manual which covers the basics of speaking or the Advanced Communication & Leadership manuals which allow the presenter to specialize in informing, motivating, entertaining, or facilitating their audience.  A member is assigned to present an oral evaluation of each speech while all present are encouraged to jot down their comments for the speaker on the evaluation slips provided.  We focus on “catching people doing things right!”
  • Table Topics – Everyone who does not have a scheduled role in the meeting that week is encouraged to give a one-minute impromptu speech on the topic given by the Table Topic Master. Participation is strongly encouraged. Guests are welcome to participate if they so choose.
  • General Evaluation – Gives comments and suggestions on all aspects of the meeting. The General Evaluator provides helpful tips for the Meeting Manager, Table Topics Master, Table Topics Evaluator and Speech Evaluators. The General Evaluator will also ask the timer for any large discrepancies in time to assist us in keeping our meetings running smoothly and on time.
  • Guest Comments – A chance for guests to give us their impressions of the meeting (briefly).
  • For the Good of Toastmasters – Occur in lieu of a business meeting. Generally members announce what’s happening or what needs to happen and the executive acts on the basis of member discussion.

How do I join and what does it cost?

Ask any member for an application form or download it from this link , print it and fill it out (just your full name and contact information. We’ll do the rest). A fee schedule is listed below. Talk with your manager – many organizations will reimburse Toastmaster Dues as an educational expense.

Semi-annual Membership Fee

Member Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
New Member ($7month + $22 for manuals) $43 $36 $29 $64 $57 $50 $43 $36 $29 $64 $57 $50
Renewing Member $55 $55
Renewing Member – Full-time Student $40 $40

For Agfa employees, the company subsidizes $36 of the membership fee.

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