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Club Inventory

Presentation Aids

If you need a laptop for a presentation please be sure to arrange with the Sergeant-at-arms or the VP of Education for a loaner beforehand. Please note that Agfa does not allow personal/external machines to access the Internet, so if you need Internet access for your presentation, you’ll need to use the loaner laptop.

The club has a laser pointer if you want one.

Educational Material

We have the complete Better Speaking Series set (manuals and CDs), and all 15 advanced communication manuals available for lending. If you’d like to borrow a manual from either collection, please contact the club’s secretary.

Electronic Devices

The club owns a video camera, usually present at every meeting and recording the speakers. The videographer is responsible for uploading videoclips of speeches onto YouTube and sharing them with the speaker. For more information, or if you want to volunteer as a videographer, please contact the VP of Education.

Toastmaster Kits

We maintain a floating inventory of Toastmasters-branded materials, such as contest kits (also available in Digital format) and “Best Table Topics” ribbons. If you require further information, please contact any of the club executives.

Please note that contest kits include participation certificates, judging forms, judging guides and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Other Items

An electronic mailing list is available for sending announcements to all current club members. See the dedicated email list page for more information.

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