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The Viewpoint role involves preparing a one-minute delivery of an opinion that can relate to the meeting theme or not.

The Viewpoint person provides the audience with a very quick 10 second synopsis of what they are about to share and then asks immediately would like to respond later with a one-minute rebuttal.

The Viewpoint person then delivers their prepared opinion within 60 seconds. The person volunteering to deliver a rebuttal has to respond with an impromptu contrarian viewpoint (even if they agree completely with the person delivery the Viewpoint).

The whole segment of Viewpoint plus Rebuttal should not exceed 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

This provides an opportunity to express an opinion in a convincing manner with a well-orchestrated argument. On the other hand, the rebuttal offers an impromptu exercise with quick-thinking-on-one’s-feet to share arguments opposite to that of the Viewpoint role.

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