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Cheers To Us March 30, 2016

by on March 31, 2016

April Fools

April Fools day offers a huge temptation as a theme for any meeting taking place in that time period.  Our March 30 meeting was no exception and that is the them that we set for our Toastmasters meeting today.

Toastmaster Bill gave many examples of tomfoolery that have taken place at work and in the home as an introduction, after which one of our guests, Area 62 Director Doris, who was serving as Grammarian/Ah Counter provided us with the word of the day: Mischief.

Bill then introduced our Educational speaker for the day Bud who spoke about how a club can become a Distinguished club and specifically how Agfa Cheers can do this in this year and again next year.  In the process, members and guests learned about the structure of the Toastmasters personal development program.

Bud’s Evaluator, Area 61 Director Tony pointed out how Bud had taken the material provided by Toastmasters International for this presentation and added his knowledge of the Agfa Cheers club to personalize the material.  Tony pointed out that Bud had overcome the technical problems which prevented use of the Powerpoint presentation that Toastmasters had provided by using a whiteboard and copies of the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader manuals.  What Tony graciously did not say was that it was Tony who subtly slid the manuals  to Bud to use for illustration;  truly a team effort!

After this Bill introduced Andrew who led Table Topics by providing 9 different April Fools pranks and having us choose them at random so we could present them as if they had happened to us or been perpetrated by us.

Then Doris stepped up as Table Topics Evaluator and gave each of us insights as to what we had done well and tips on how we could improve. Since Doris was also our Grammarian, she proceeded right on to that report.  Evidently, we were a mischievous lot, using mischief at frequent intervals.  The prize for most uses was equally awarded to Andrew and Bill.

Our timer Tong Qu reported on the various times for almost every aspect of the meeting which is impressive because the form for tracking the times of meetings was notably missing and this was Tong Qu’s first time being the time keeper

After announcements which included promotion of this Friday’s Division W Contests in Fergus and a description of the upcoming District Conference on April 22-24th, we asked for comments from our two guests Marc and Peter and then wrapped up the meeting.

Watch for announcements of the upcoming Speechcraft that we will be running at Agfa  starting May 3, 2016



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