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Cheers to Us March 23, 2016

by on March 23, 2016


Toastmaster John chose spring as the theme for this week’s meeting but he warned us not to expect too much of the season yet since snow is in the weather forecast.

John then introduced our guests, Marc, Robert, Peter and a returning guest George each of whom gave a brief comment on what had brought them to our meeting.

He then introduced our Grammarian, Tong who gave in her first time at the role, the word render and provided three definitions to give us more opportunities to use it.

John introduced our speaker for today Mohammad who presented his speech “Should You Do It Yourself?”.  Mohammad was working on Project 3 in the Competent Communicator manual with which we all begin. Project 3 is Get to The Point and it teaches us to organize our speech toward specific and general purposes with a good opening, body and conclusion.

After Mohammad had finished his speech, his speech evaluator Tony gave him feedback on his presentation, praising his fantastic use of examples for the various points he made regarding our “Do It Yourself” efforts and suggested that he could have closed more effectively by referring back to his points.

We then moved on to Bill’s Table Topics part of the meeting. Our Topics Master Bill, had written various foods from around the world on pieces of paper and asked each of us to try to persuade the group that ours was the best food to have.   Tony guessed at the pronunciation of his food and what it was then spoke so confidently that he got the votes to be considered Best Table Topics.

After that we had a part of the meeting we haven’t been in the habit of doing.  Bud provided an evaluation of the Table Topics giving each person who participated (and almost everyone participated) feedback on their style and content and suggestions on how to improve.

Following that we heard from our Grammarian that the word of the day had been used several times including by one of our guests.  Our timer Bud had a struggle letting people know where they were in timing because the green, amber and red cards that we use to signal times were in the room being used by another group so he was waving around pieces of paper with the words green, amber and red written on them.

All four of our guests seemed to enjoy the meeting and expected to return.


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