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Cheers to Us – March 16, 2016

by on March 17, 2016


On this penultimate to St Patrick’s Day we had a theme of “Phoenix” : The Greek Mythical creature which lives for 100 years and then dies in a burst of flames only to rise to new life from it’s own ashes.  Our Toastmaster for today, Hamid pointed out that such a creature is common in many cultures and gave as an example the Persian story of The Simurgh.

Part of the reason for the choice of the Phoenix as the theme for today’s meeting was that the Agfa Cheers club seems to be going down in flames with several members declining to renew and many of our executive concluding that they have given all they have to give in the way of commitment to the cause of reviving the club.  It is with that situation in mind that Bud, our club Coach is spearheading a speechcraft sponsored by Agfa Cheers to run in the David Johnston Research and Technology park and drawing on the people working in that area for fresh energy to cause Agfa Cheers to “rise from the ashes” of it’s current down cycle.  Bud paraphrases the Samuel Clemons quote, ‘Rumours of our death are greatly exaggerated’.  More on this upcoming speechcraft in future blogs.

Since one of our speakers had to bow out to take care of her spouse and the other had an insurmountable migrane, Bud stepped in as a speaker and delivered a Tall Tale speech for his Competent Communicator # 4 speech.  The Hike, had us hearing about Bud’s friend who was turned into a person-sicle while trying to skinny-dip in a pool of a mountain stream.  Bill evaluated Bud’s speech pointing out the rhetorical devices Bud used such as similes, metaphors and hyperbole.  He also shared that Bud could have used body language to more effectively portray the scene (but since “Your Body Speaks” is the #5 project, perhaps that can wait.)  Bill liked Bud’s introduction of the idea of Super-cooled water as a device to explain how someone could live through being made into a human popsicle.

Next Bud led the Table Topics by asking members to try to persuade us that genetic manipulation to achieve the form of some (currently) mythical creatures would be a great idea.  The group felt that Andrew did the best job, selling us on the benefits of having the legs of a goat on a man in order to be able to climb mountains more effectively and we awarded the Best Table Topic ribbon to him.

Our guests, George, (who served very well as our timer) and our Area Director Doris,  reflected on their experience for the meeting and we concluded the meeting in good time.


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  1. Thank you Bud. I enjoyed the blog and am sure that the club will rise from the ashes and become a strong vibrant club once again.

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