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Cheers To Us – February 24, 2016

by on February 26, 2016

One Day At A Time

The Weather Channel won the day this week, keeping people away fro the meeting with the threat of evil weather.  Of course, the driving wasn’t bad at all so all those people missed two excellent speeches.

The theme of this week’s meeting was One Day At A Time.  Toastmaster Andrew wasn’t referring to the old TV show of that name but rather to the struggle we all face at this time of year to make it to the nicer weather.

He introduced our Grammarian Mohammed who gave us the word pursuit to include in our efforts for the meeting.

Since our Viewpoint master was unable to attend, we eschewed that part of the meeting and moved straight into the speeches.  To begin that part of the meeting, Hamid gave us an information packed presentation on medical technology today in his speech The Future of Surgery is NOW.  A power point filled with images of surgeries past and present served as a great enhancement to this presentation praising the advances that surgical healthcare has made.  This was project # 4 in Hamid’s Competent Communicator manual – How To Say It and Hamid did a good job of inserting metaphors, Similes and triads into his speech while avoiding medical jargon.  Then Mohannad started his second run through the Competent Communicator manual with an icebreaker.  Since most of us are familiar with his background, he introduced Agfa Healthcare with his speech Agfa Healthcare: Who, Why and What.  This speech also made colourful and illustrative use of power point with images of the equipment provided by Agfa but also some of the institutions served by that company.

Andrew served as Hamid’s evaluator and praised his use of language plus pointing out where Hamid could have inserted an alliteration.  He also noted Hamid’s use of previously learned skills.  Then Bud gave Mohannad feedback on his speech, referring to his great information and organization of it while suggesting that his introduction could have made use of a personal anecdote to draw in the audience.

Bud also noted Mohannad’s use of powerpoint to enhance his presentation.

After this was the Table topics portion of the meeting.  Bud had taken on the Table Topics Master role for the meeting and due to the smaller number of meeting participants, proposed having a debate.  The two sides debated the resolution that: The presence of modern technology in medicine is a good thing.

Andrew and Hamid argued persuasively that modern technology has extended life while Mohannad and Mohammed proposed passionately that extending life is a passing thing regardless.  Since there were an equal number of votes on both sides, the debate was a draw (but fun anyway).

Mohammad was serving as both our Timer and as our Grammarian and in the latter role, he lamented that no-one had pursued the word of the Day (Pursuit).  As Timer he lauded our ability (for the most part) to stay within the time’s set up for the meeting.

Club announcements included yet another plea for as many members as possible to show up for the Area 62 contests which will take place at Agfa Healthcare on March 4th at 7:00 pm.. Come out and watch Andrew show other clubs how evaluation is really done while Bud attempts to move on to the Division level of the International Speech Contest.


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