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Cheers To Us February 10, 2016

by on February 11, 2016

Road Rage

Many of our members had other places to be for this week’s meeting so there were only 5 of us there.  We had an excellent meeting anyway with members in multiple roles.

Our Chair John, gave us the theme Road Rage.  Since he commutes from the GTA daily, I’m guessing he is exposed to frustrations in driving more than most of us.

Mohammed took the role of Viewpoint presenter without having any time to prepare.  He did a good job using the theme of the day to present the viewpoint that Road Rage, while understandable should be avoided for safety reason.  John took the contrary position that Road Rage is a good and necessary part of keeping your sanity in a world where people are rude as a standard part of their driving.

Terrifyingly, John was thought by the group to have made the better case.

Our timer, Bud did double duty as Topics Master and got each of us to do the impossible – a one-minute icebreaker.  Each of us gave a one minute synopsis of our lives up until now.

Then we heard Andrew do the # 3 speech from the Advanced manual on Story Telling – The Moral of the story.  Andrew told us about his parents tendency to seek his help in matters technological and then promptly forgetting what he has told them.  The moral of his story was that you should give overly detailed instructions in writing to such people and then refer to them in future conversations.

Bud took on a third role and evaluated Andrew’s speech.  He pointed out Andrew’s story telling and relating of personal experience was first-rate but encouraged Andrew to re-read the suggestions that Toastmasters provide for this project and try to incorporate some of the things that he missed (like making it a story whose purpose is to arrive at the moral and possibly to ad a “twist” in to add some additional entertainment value) into future speeches.

Announcements included a reminder that We (Agfa Cheers) are the hosts of the upcoming (March 4th) Area 62 contests and announcement of a trophy dubbed The Stuffed Bug award (pictured here) which will be presented to the club with the most members and guests present.  It was observed that many times, the host club wins this award so let’s invite everyone we can think of , family, friends, co-workers and let’s have Agfa Cheers bring home the hardware!IMG_20160204_132713


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