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Cheers to Us January 27, 2016

by on January 28, 2016

The theme for this week’s meeting was “Inventions that changed the world” based on the fact that on this day (January 27) in 1880, Thomas Edison was granted a patent on the incandescent lamp. Hamid was taking his first turn as Toastmaster.  He prepared thoroughly for the role doing things such as asking each participant what they thought was the most important invention.

Our Grammarian Bill challenged us to make our words sound like what they described.  His word of the day was onomatopoeia which is defined as a word that sounds like what it is describing.  (such as “woof” or “trickle” or “crunch”)

We had two speakers lined up for today.  Jelana gave the 4th speech from the Competent Communicator manual in which she enlightened us on the topic of coffee: it’s history both in the world and in her family.  Cliff from the Energetics club told us about all of the reasons we should abandon the outdated 100 Km/hour speed limit of Ontario highways in favour of the more energy efficient and safer 130 KM/hour.

Then our timer Andrew, did double duty as Table Topics master and had us speak about various inventions as if they were the most important invention of our world. The person who was thought to be the best at this was our visiting Area Director Doris Tuckett.

Doris also served as one of our speech Evaluators providing feedback to Jelena on her speech while John gave Cliff insights on what worked in his speech and ways that it could improve.

After all of this , Bud, who was serving as our General Evaluator, gave everyone feedback on what they did well and how to come closer to the standard that Toastmasters has provided for us.



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