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Cheers to Us January 6, 2016

by on January 7, 2016

The Agfa Cheers meeting this week had the theme, What I Am Not Going To Do Do This Year because, as our Toastmaster for the week, Andrew pointed out, “So many New Years Resolutions (ambitions of things we are going to do in the coming year) wind up in a morass of unfulfilled ambitions.  It would be easier to determine what we won’t do.”

Our Grammarian, Jelena, in her first time in that role, selected a Word of the Day  to match our theme.  She chose the word “terminate”.

There was no one assigned to be the Viewpoint presenter so Toastmaster Andrew, took on that role.

He presented the viewpoint, in keeping with the theme of the day, that choosing New Year’s Resolutions is actually setting us up for failure but taking ‘baby steps’ is more workable so perhaps we should have New Week’s Resolutions instead. The Counterpoint was presented by Leyton who suggested that it is better to shoot for the moon in hopes of hitting something lower in the sky than that.  The consensus around the room was that both of these viewpoints was equally well presented.

Bud gave a speech that was number 4 in the Competent Communicator manual titled “A Penny Saved”  in which he suggested that increases in a company’s profits or an individual’s income can be marginal and yet still represent gains.

Sebastian gave the Table Topic in the form of a question: “If you could live any age of your life for one week, what age would you chose to live?”  People around the room suggested everything from 7 years old to 100 but Jelena’s presentation of age 7 won the day and she was awarded best Table Topic.

The meeting concluded with announcements about the upcoming club contests for Evaluation January 20th  and International Speech Contest on February 3rd and a reminder that the Area Contests will be taking place at Agfa Healthcare Offices in the Cafeteria on Friday March 4th from 7 – 10 pm.

Our Area Director Doris Tuckett is still looking for equal representation from all clubs in the Area for judges so if you have thought of taking part at all, please contact her to volunteer at


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