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Cheers To Us December 9th, 2015

by on December 9, 2015

Distressing Practices – Most or least favourite!

Our penultimate meeting of 2015 began with club president Mohannad serving as our Toastmaster introducing the theme of the day with a thought about how we all have encountered practices at work or in the rest of our life that cause us to be challenged.  Mohannad gave us all motivation to contact our Toastmaster to give him/her thoughts on the theme of the day because, since no-one did contact him, he made up quotes for everyone he introduced.

Our Grammarian for today was our newest member Mohammad.  He had an excellent start in the role because he placed tent-card with the word of the day (Euphoria) all over the table.  As a result, the word was used several times.

The Viewpoint was presented by Jennifer that children should not be told Santa isn’t real with a counterpoint by Bud claiming that we are doing the kiddies no favour by feeding them fables.  The weight of the argument by Jennifer won the day with almost everyone (including Bud) voting for continued belief in the jolly old gent.

We had two speeches today,  An icebreaker by Jelena who came through war in Bosnia/Herzogovina to leaving family to strike out on her own as (eventually) an emigrant to Canada where she became one of the youngest realtors I have met. We also heard from Bill Wallace in his second project from the advanced manual Speaking To Inform.  Bill informed those of us who have (or may wish to have) fruit trees, how to prune them effectively.  He demonstrated the best use of powerpoint by having slides with great pictures and few words.

Would you like to earn credit in your Competent Leader Manual toward project # 6 by assisting the Webmaster?  Just create a description of a couple of months of meetings and submit them to Bud Brown to be posted here in Cheers to Us.


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