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Cheers To Us December 2nd, 2015

by on December 9, 2015


It is highly appropriate that I am only just getting around to writing the description of last week’s meeting today (the date of this week’s meeting) since the theme of that meeting was “Procrastination”.  Andrew Skelton kicked off the meeting with comments on how procrastination had impacted his preparation for the role. He then introduced the 4 guests that we had.

He introduced our newest member on that day Jelena who had jumped right in and taken on the role of Grammarian. Jelena gave us the word luddite to  add to our vocabulary and several of us were sufficiently sympathetic to the anti-technology perspective of Luddites to make use of the word.

Our speaker for the day was Bud Brown who gave the # 2 speech from his current pass through the Competent Communicator manual, speaking about the value of following the model that Toastmasters has spent over 90 years fine-tuning.

Bill Wallace modelled the Evaluator role well by giving feedback that reflected his personal perspective. He gave some terrific insights into things that Bud modelled well and areas for improvement that would have made the speech better for him.

Bud also took on the Table Topics role and had people (including at least 2 of our guests who leapt into the fray) tell their boss as good a reason as they could come up with, for being late on a project.  Some of these excuses were marvelous and I hope everyone took notes!


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