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Cheers To Us November 25th, 2015

by on December 1, 2015

We had a fun meeting this week celebrating the vagaries of Black Friday.

27_ClubMeetingsToastmaster Bill Wallace began the meeting giving some insights into his views of Black Friday and continued that theme by introducing the various roles with their take on the American tradition of having a sale day on the Friday after American Thanksgiving.

Our Viewpoint for the week was presented by Sebastian who decried the need for snow tires in our urbanSouthern Ontario climate.  He was answered by John’s and Jennifer’s counterpoint suggesting that even if it was only for the occasional snowstorm, snow tires help you get a grip on winter.

Jennifer gave her number 2 speech Water, the Magic Elixer on the benefits of hydration in.  I personally would have laughed at you if you had told me twenty years ago that I would be paying for bottles of something I could get for free from a tap but since Jennifer concluded her excellent project on Organize Your Speech with free samples for all of us, I drank to her health.

Andrew stepped up to give Jennifer an evaluation that highlighted the many good uses she had made of the information in the CC manual and a suggestion how to work on her transitions from one point to the next.

We had a continuing story type of Table Topics with John Tran starting the story and the rest of us continuing the thread of a journey through retail heaven/hell on Black Friday.

As everything is evaluated inToastmasters, our General Evaluator Bud gave insights all round on what really worked well in the meeting and how it could get even better.


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