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Cheers To Us November 18, 2015

by on November 19, 2015

This will be the inaugural blog describing our weekly meetings.  These blog posts will be a description of each week’s meeting and a means for members to contribute to the webpage while earning credit toward their Competent Leader designation.


We had a meeting today that was a tribute to the flexibility of Toastmasters and the resilience of Agfa Cheers club.  The meeting began with Toastmaster John Tran who had jumped into the role only one day before and yet he had a great introductory comment as well as quotes from each participant (even those who had not provided one)

We began the day with four guests who all had a connection with Toastmasters. One is currently a member of Kitchener Toastmasters, at our club to check it out for her husband.  She brought a friend who is a past member of the Energetics  Toastmasters club.  Another guest is the brother of our president Mohannad Hussain and fourth guest, who has been sitting in on a speech craft run at Remax Realty is set to join us at the next meeting.

Our Grammarian, Hamid Neshat gave us the word competent to use and while he commented that we all were competent in our use of grammar, we didn’t use the word competent very much.

Jelena Nidogon who was a guest taking an active role in the meeting gave us a viewpoint that won the majority of votes from those around the table

Working from the Speaking To Inform manual project 4, Andrew Skelton gave us a glimpse into the future of media with ideas of the forms advertising will take as the mediums for entertainment change.  Then he successfully fielded questions from the audience.

Andrew Skelton led us through a Table Topics he had created at the beginning of the meeting and everyone had something to say about how much they liked (or disliked) the time on the paper they drew from the basket.

Just as we were about to start Evaluations, we were joined by two more guests.  At this point, the number of guests officially outnumbered the members which made the meeting a bit like an open house and that’s exciting.

It was a marvellous meeting and the next one will prove to be even better.


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