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The song is ended but the melody lingers on

by on July 9, 2012

My term as a president of Agfa CHEERS is ended but the new president Stewart Johnston is starting his new term. I would like to thank the members of the club and the members of my executive team for making this year a great success. We have earned the status of Select Distinguished Club! It’s the second year when Agfa CHEERS earns a distinguished club status, and it’s the first year when we went even farther and clenched the Select Distinguished status. We are also on a pretty good start for the upcoming year. There are 31 members in the club, while the minimum requirement for the program is 20! We already have one member who finished his Competent Communication manual (half a point), and one member who is one speech away from his Advanced Communicator Bronze Award (one point). We have submitted the list of the officers and had them trained (each gives half a point). With such a great start we may even achieve the President’s Distinguished Status this year…. (no pressure ;-))

I would like to thank personally and on the behalf of the club the outgoing officers:

  • Stewart Johnston (VP Education)
  • Dana Mohapl (VP Membership)
  • Monica Araujo (VP Public Relations)
  • Subbu Subramonian (Treasurer)
  • Mohannad Hussain (Secretary)
  • Laura Peters (Sergeant at Arms)
  • Greg Kay (Immediate Past President)

And I would like to ask you to join me in welcoming the incoming officers:

  • Stewart Johnston (President)
  • Dana Mohapl (VP Education)
  • Andrew Skelton (VP Membership)
  • Mohannad Hussain (VP Public Relations)
  • Bo (Robert) Rong (Treasurer)
  • Loraine Ziegler (Secretary)
  • Ken Dawson (Sergeant at Arms)
  • Ron Leisti (Videographer, Assistant VP Education)

Next time you meet some of the above people, shake their hands, say thank you or wish them luck.

I am not saying good-bye. I will remain on the board of the officers as an Immediate Past President and I will continue an active involvement in the club’s meetings. See you all Wednesday!


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